Stable, Show & Grooming

Who loves, cares! Even more time than on the horse we spend around the horse, the care of horses and tack, the right feeding and the stable- and show-occurrences. With the right equipment the surrounding becomes just as much fun as riding itself!


A place for everything and everything is in its place. We are offering a large selection of places to bring order into your stable. Bridle-hooks, saddle-racks, stable curtains, stable-bags, tack-boxes, stable-signs and much more help to bring order to your barn.

Furthermore, we are constantly storing a large variety of horse-feeds, as mueslis, oats, mash, as well as supplements like electrolytes, mineral bricks, vitamins, and depending on the season, fresh carrots. Use our contact form to reserve your favorites favorite feed- new deliveries arrive weekly on Thursday.


One cannot always win but at least look great- oftentimes this was our motto if we did not shine competitively. Our horse-show equipment for you and your horse helps to always at least look like a winner, braiding elastics, numbers- evidently with bling, as well as studs for your safety, we got all you need for your successful show-performance. And so you do not forget anything: Our handy grooming bags, once packed always sorted.

Check our news, on many horse-shows we are represented with our sales booth, we are bringing everything you may forget.  


Well cared is well maintained. As well for your horse as for your tack, good care is a top priority. Show-sheen spray, horse-shampoo, hoof-grease, hoof-oil, cooling-gels, skin ointments, fly-spray, curry combs, brushes, hoof-picks, mane-comb, saddle-soap, leather-oil, leather-balm, shoe-polisch, sticky-spray etc. and evidently the belonging sponges- we got a large selection of everything you need for clean horses and surroundings.

Life hacks- for grey horses

Life hacks- for grey horses

With the right care to keep the white horses white and prevent any shades of yellow

The night before the show

  1. Leovet Shiny White Shampoo: With warm water yellow stains are washed out best
  2. Leovet Shiny White Spray: Creates a protective layer on the horse’s coat with a dirt-repellent effect. Caution: Do not use where the saddle goes, reduces the grip of saddle-pad and co. Spray the tail generously, then braid it tightly.

Right before the show

  1. Stassek dry-shampoo: The quick solution for all the yellow stains that still made it
  2. Grey-horse-brick: For particularly persistent stains and when our frisky northern German weather and the love for our horses prevent us from giving them a morning’s bath