Saddles & accessories

The saddle is the connection between the rider’s seat the horse’s back. This important connection must be perfectly adjusted to the individual needs of each horse and rider.

The saddles of our top-brands offer yearlong experience in saddler craftsmanship, as well as continuously improving technical progress.

Small saddlery works as re-padding or repairs are conducted in our on-site saddler workshop.

Buying a saddle in 3 steps

This is how it works::

  1. You test sit and select a choice of your saddles
  2. We come to fit your favorites to your horse and let him choose his favorite
  3. After 6 months we come for check-up to see if re-padding is required- this check-up is included in the sales price of a new saddle

Our tip: We also got a large selection of second-hand saddles available!

Saddle accessories

Almost as important as the saddle itself are the accessories!  We got it all: saddle-girths, stirrups, stirrup-leathers, saddle-covers or small but important details as grab-straps. From our own experiences we know about the importance of particularities as the leather-quality or width of stirrup-leathers or what life-saving difference a safety-stirrup can make in the decisive moment.

We are offering a large choice of brands that offer fashionable designs as well as highest safety standards. Moreover, our saddle-maker can accommodate (almost) every individual need- provided it is made of leather.

Our favourite brands

A saddle- that is a question of feeling. The selection of saddles is enormous and growing constantly-here our team introduces their favourite saddles.

 “My jumping-saddle is by Equiline. With the grip and the super soft leather I could not feel more comfortable. “

“My dressage-saddle is a Passier Grand Gilbert. Although I do not ride much dressage I feel comfortable in it, especially as I am still able to freely move thanks to the modest knee-roll.”

“My saddle is a Passier Avior. Thanks to the deep seat and the generous knee-roll I feel comfortable on outrides at any pace.”
(Mrs Walter)

“I am incredibly happy with my Erreplus saddle! It provides the perfect fit and positioning that leaves my body feeling fresh, whether in competition or after a long ride. I would highly recommend Erreplus for anyone looking for a top class saddle. Great value for money!”
(Alexa Stais, international show-jumper)