As a specialized retailer service comes first for us! Hence our team in the shop is completed by our diligent workshop. We fix everything made of fabric or leather- for small issues you can event wait to be fixed immediately. Furthermore, our creative department offers a large variety of possibilities to personalize your halter, saddle pad or team outfits.


Our saddlery is headed by our saddle-maker Sabine Hellmann, she learnt her craft at the Höpfner saddle manufactory in Hanover. Höpfner saddles are traditionally highest German craftwork that accompanied legends as Rainer Klimke to Olympic merits- a quality standard Sabine brought into our saddlery.

Repairs, re-padding, as well as any kind of alterations of leather; we will find a solution. Furthermore, unusual requests are our saddle-makers’ speciality, she upholsters chairs as well as gigantic breeding phantoms. Likewise flexible we are about the custom-made production of halters, harnesses, dog-collars and many more.

Sewing, Embroidering and washing

As a certified clothes tailor Annette Bobrink is the creative mind of our team. In our sewing work-shop she fixes even the worst victims of paddock destructiveness. Likewise, she can do any alterations. For small things you can even wait with a coffee and a stroll through our shop while she fixes them in no time.

Embroidery looks great on all kind of horse-rugs, no matter if sweat-sheet or stable-rug. Your horse’s name, your corporate logo or your initials, there are plenty of possibilities to make your horse-rugs something individual and unmistakeable- especially in bigger barns the saviour from winter chaos. For the extra bit of shine, we can also add our rhinestone-cord to any of your rugs, saddle-pads or clothes.

Our rug washing service always works from Friday to Friday, pick-up to delivery. We are more than happy to also wash your shipping-boots, stable-boots, wrapping-pads, saddle-pads and dog-beds. Waterproofing of your outdoor rugs is also available.