We are Bemer partner

We had heard a lot from Bemer blankets and as attentive and interested show-jumpers we could not miss the Bemer Riders Tour. But neither did we know what exactly Bemer was, nor how it actually works. A dear customer that had been a long time Bemer partner kept on asking us to try it and eventually let us borrow and try her Bemer sets. The first Bemer treatment our horses enjoyed the Wednesday before the provincial championships in Elmlohe.

Two horses were entered in Elmlohe, both great horses but of course with the own little particularities, landing in the right lead, flying chances and tighter turns. All issues that seem easily optimized with a little more suppleness in the muscles. Eventually the results did speak for themselves, Catwick the older, sometimes slightly stiff candidate of our horses jumped better than ever before. In total four clear rounds over 1.35 and 1.40 classes let him travel home with the title of the Amateur show-jumping provincial champion. Catwick enjoyed the Bemer blanket every morning of the show. The other horse, Quino additionally got the local applicator on his sacroiliac joint.

Right at the beginning of each Bemer session the horses show how the relax. Chewing, yawning and resting their feet, it almost seems as if the muscular relaxation, relaxes the whole body and spirit of the horses. Also little swellings and haematoma, caused by hits or bums or misfitted equipment are quickly reduced after just a few treatments.

The funktion of the Bemer blanket is physical vascular therapy. Years of research of the Bemer team developed an electromagnetic multidimensional signal structure, that helps to effectively stimulate restricted or impaired

Bemer treatments help the regeneration after diseases, injuries, surgeries or high performance. Addiditonally Bemer can be used for prevention measures. A better blood flow makes muscles more supple and improves the immune system. Eventually Bemer improves physical and mental performance.

The Bemer blanket became part of our daily stable routines. We are following the footsteps of successful and well-known top riders. We are happy to be able to offer this great little helper for you, for happier and healthier horses. For questions and trying contact us directly via the form here or hedda@sporthaus-verden.de or 0151-64717257.


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