In mid-show season

Summer season is show season! In addition to our starts in the active portion of the many competitions there are in the Verden area - mainly in the course to be honest, many times we are also part of the fun with our sales booth.

For us those weekends are the perfect combination of leisure and work, it is always such a great pleasure to welcome so many nice customers in our sales booths. The shows in the Verden stadium: The regional championships HALT and Verden International always are something a little bit more special. It is mid-summer, the grounds got this special atmosphere, the good riding conditions provide a good humour all around and we can make (most of) all wishes come true as we are driving up and down between the shop and the show grounds all day long. Simialrly we enjoy the auctions and the stallions market of the Hannoveraner Verband, just that the shows got the better weather. Especially interesting are also those events where we get to meet our overseas customers again - the auctions, the stallion market and Verden International (soon hopefully the World Breeding Championships of Young Dressage Horses again). Nonetheless, we enjoy every show we get to be a part of, of some of which we are already part of their tradition due to the longtime partnership. 

This year we added a new old highlight to our calender: Norderney! The great competition on the small North-Sea island. For almost one week we will be present on the show grounds and on Saturday we get another follow-up delivery (for all special orders and reinforcement on the fun). As for every other show you are kindly invited to place your non-binding orders beforehand so we bring the perfect assortement for our customers.

And because we are so much looking forward to Norderney we are linking the list of competitions here, maybe we can still encourage somebody to join the fun!

Cross your finger the weather plays along on Norderney!


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