Horse Wear

Most horses got a larger wardrobe than their riders, we offer the perfectly matched full-outfits from head to toe, from the halter to the boots. We are more than happy to assist to match it all!

Halters and Lead Ropes

Practical and elegant, halters are available in a large variety of types. The look, as well as the safety factor and the horse’s comfort are playing the major roles in the selection of the right halter. Nylon halters, rope halters, leather halters, shipping halters, different halters for different requirements – of course with the matching lead rope, lead rein or lead chain.

Most of our halters come in matching collections of sweat-sheets, bandages and saddle-pads. And if your horse requires the extra bit of comfort we help you find your way through our large collection of sheep-skin or micro-fibre padding, for the nose, the cheeks and the poll.

Our Tip: Personalize your nylon halter with embroidery or your leather halter with an engraved plate – the perfect gift for every horse-lover!

Horse Rugs

Stable rugs, turnout rugs, rain sheets, sweat sheets, fly sheets, exercise sheets, fleece rugs, cotton rugs, woollen rugs… and so on. One is spoilt for choice- and our horses are even more. We got the right rug for every weather- and we are happy to help you with the choice! Furthermore, high-tech fabrics offer additional features to actively increase the well-being of your horse, for example Back on Track or Horseware Iconic blankets.

Additionally, we offer laundry and repair services! Repairs are made at any time, smaller issues can even be resolved while you enjoy a cup of coffee and a stroll in the shop. Laundry services are always from Friday to Friday, we wash all your horse-rugs, saddle pads, shipping- or stable boots, wrapping-pads and even dog-beds. Additionally, we offer waterproofing for your outdoor-rugs.

Our Tip: Embroidery also looks stunning on rugs- no matter if sweat-sheet or stable rug! Your horse's name, your initials or your corporate logo, there are no limits to creativity to make your rug something unique- also the perfect solution to prevent the winter chaos of piles of alike looking rugs.

Good to know

If you are still unsure about what rug to use, ask your horse. Norwegian scientist trained horses to choose between distinguished symbols for “rug” and “no rug”. The horses’ decision matched the outside temperatures, on warmer days horses refrained from their blankets on colder days they asked for their blankets. Within only two weeks, with 10-15 minutes of training per day the researchers succeeded in schooling the horses to distinguish between vertical and horizontal bars to express their need of a rug.

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Saddle Pads

Saddle pads are fashion statements with highest technical requirements. No matter if you are looking for a special collection of our top brands, something simple like our classic the “Verdener Decke”- which is still produced in our workshop in Verden or your own creation of a saddle pad we accommodate every taste. Many saddle pad models can also be customized- have you ever considered to create a saddle pad in your own colours?

The right saddle pad relieves the pressure on the horse’s back and corrects small faults in the saddle’s fit. Our large selection of sheepskins, gel-pads, memo-foam pads, anti-slip-pads and trapezius-relief-pads will help your horse’s special requirements. Many of our pads also come with pockets for extra cushions to adjust the saddle’s fit.

Our Tip: Our embroidery gives every saddle pad your own personal touch as well as the opportunity to display your company logo- for your team kit or as a prize.

For the special something we also offer to add rhinestone cord to give your individual design the extra bling.

Safety boots and bandages

Fashion meets safety – no horse-leg goes without protection! Boots as well as bandages, stable-boots, shipping-boots or bell-boots are available in many technical and fashionable designs. No matter if tendon boots, sheep-skin lined boots, leather boots, dressage boots, working-boots or special-boots for show jumping we accommodate every need and wish. And we are also more than happy to help you match your bandages with your saddle-pad.

Many boots offer a lot more than protection nowadays: magnetic or infra-red technologies are included in many fabrics, why bother with time-consuming stable wraps when your stable boots come with the healing extra? It is the small adjustments that make the big difference in your horse’s welfare, since the horse’s health always comes first!