Dog accessories

The dog is the best friend of man and of course especially riders. The dog’s life in a stable is particularly demanding though- weatherproof, patient and obviously styled to match horse and riders, that is what it takes.

We offer a large selection of leashes, dog-collars, dog-beds and especially dog-coats and blankets.

Dog-coats & -blankets

Winter times are hard times at the yard for our best friends, especially then they must be able to rely on us to keep them warm. Of course we can embroider on all coats and blankets, moreover we can produce measure-fit blankets exclusively for your best friend in our work-shop.

Our large selection of dog-coats ranges from elegant winter-coats with a fur collar, soft-shell coats, woollen coats, fleece-blankies and rain-coats to reflective coats- so our best friends not only stay warm and dry but also safe.

Dog-collars and leashes

Our dog-collars excel in quality and durability. Especially our leather dog-collars are diligently chosen, according to material quality and workmanship in the making, so our little best friends experience highest quality for comfort and durability. Additionally, for the ones that still get away, we also offer to embroider names and telephone numbers into the nylon collars- since the way home from an escape can be much easier with mummy’s or daddy’s assistance.

Our Tip: For the fashionable very wild friend with that is always on a mission: leather dog-collars exclusively produced in our saddlery with a little engraved plate for your name and phone number!


We all know how exhausting barn-life can be, hence our best faithful friends are quickly dog-tired. For the little rest we got a large selection of high-quality, comfy, cosy dog-beds, dog mats and dog-pillows. Evidently, sleeping in a dog-bed that matches one’s coat is way more relaxing.

Consequently, our dog-beds are not only the maximum of comfort but also a fashionable highlight as well as easy to clean.