Bridles & Bits

The bit bridle combination is an essential part of the training of the horse- a vivid part of our every-day barn life. To find the right bridle-bit combination the rider has to evaluate the appearance and the feeling of the combination. The bridle/bit combination is an important link between horse and rider and hence, has to be carefully chosen and constantly reassessed for fit and suitability.


The bridle is one of the most important part of our equipment. The bridle determines immensely the communication between horse and rider and hence the control the rider has over his horse. The selection of different bridles and double-bridles, with different ranges of functionality is constantly growing. Moreover, bitless riding as an alternative is increasing its popularity.

We are more than happy to offer our advice on drop-nosebands, crossed-nosebands, cavessons or flash-nosebands. Overall the noseband is a question of feeling and preference of horse and rider. Hence, for special bridles as the Micklem we offer trial bridles, for your horse and you to feel before you buy.


In addition to the functional aspect, the appearance of the bridle plays an important role, it determines the entire look of the horse. We are happy to help you find your way through our large selection of patent leather bridles, rolled sewn bridles, bridles with design stitching or with extravagant Swarovski design. And if you are looking for something very special for your horse and you, design your own Schumacher bridle:

Link to bridle-designer


Just as important as the bridle is the bit, a vital part of the communication between horse and rider. Finest aids must give clear directions. The right bit depends on the individual preference of horse and rider as well as on their level of training. We constantly stock a large selection of different bit makes and brands, we are always happy to offer our advice on your choice of a bit, not matter if snaffle, double jointed, 3-ring bits, D-ring bits, Kimblewicks, gags, hackamores, straight-bars, double-bridles, bradoons, as well as driving bits and many more. Equally important as the kind of bit is the material it is made off, we got something for any taste: stainless-steel, Aurigan, Argentan, Sensogan, sweet-iron, copper, titanium, hard carbon and different rubber materials- also with an apple-scent.

In our test centre in our shop in Verden we are offering a broad selection of bits and some special bridles to try and feel on you horse.