About us

Karl-Heinz Klasen

Since 1979 we are your partner for equestrian equipment. Established by Karl-Heinz Klasen, who still has not handed over the reins- or in his case the driving reins. Almost 40 years of experience in equine equipment and support are in our books- and even more as a rider, horse-owner and breeder! Our principle from riders for riders shows in the high quality of our selected assortment. We know the high requirements riders have for their equipment- as we pose them just as you do. Alike the quality we demand, we assure a balanced value-for-money relation within our range. Amongst all our aspirations to satisfy our customers’ needs, our expert sales-advise comes first. From leisure-rider, to fox-hunter, to breeders and competitive riders, our team covers a broad range of expertise which guarantees a perfect understanding of every customers’ individual needs.

Good sales advise is the most important for us! Most preferably we share our personal experience and advise with you on a visit to our shop in Verden, but we also gladly take calls, emails and messages- likewise we appreciate your order those ways! Furthermore, you can drop us a message for special pre-orders or for us to arrange to bring some orders for you to one of the many events we participate in.

Our great sales-advise is completed by our extensive range of services. Our saddlery- and tailoring-workshop can help you with any alterations or custom-made productions. For smaller works you can wait in our cozy coffee-corner. Additionally, we offer saddle-fitting and –control services, as well as a large test-centre for different bits by Sprenger, Lorenzini or Bomber Bits and the Micklem Bridle.

Unser Team

Sabine Walter-Roggenbuck

At Sporthaus Verden (almost) since day one, she is the boss and master of disaster, with a fine hand to measure your dream-boots or fit the right saddle to your horse. Her long-term experience speaks for itself- in three languages: German, English and French. Sabine is there for her clients 7 days a week.

When she was younger and wilder she competed successfully in show-jumping and dressage, additionally she took the basic examination for carriage driving. Within the last two decades she retreated from competing herself to support her daughter and their mare-trio on shows-grounds near and far.


Meike Wedekamp

Meike is an important part of our team since almost 20 years. She is always in a good mood; her positive attitude makes her a favourite to many. She will find you a solution for anything! Her three kids taught her to keep her calm at any time.

Her equestrian experience results from her faithful Shetland pony/lawn-mower Flocke.

Petra Höher

Our cheerful soul from the Rhineland- which means there is carnival in her blood. She got years of experience in equestrian equipment. Especially in the field of cross-country or hunting nobody can fool her. Moreover, her creativity gives our shop and shop windows the special something.

Petra’s warm and friendly Rhinish nature stands out of us Northern Germans. In younger times she successfully competed on L-level in three-day-eventing. Nowadays, Petra is a passionate hunt-rider and also plays the bugle in the wind ensemble “Bien-aller”.


Meike Friemel

Meike is our basement-dweller- as that is where our goods receiving is happening. Relentlessly and reliably she makes sure every (urgent) order arrives at its destination as soon as possible. Furthermore, Meike’s kid-pony-combo is our favourite facebook model.

Before Meike became part of our team she was part of the Verden auction-riders team. Competitively, Meike was successful in jumping as well as in dressage. Due to her Holstein origin she also is an experienced ring- and roland-rider- we are still waiting for a live demonstration of her skills. Now, Meike retreated from active competing to go on the ribbon-hunt with daughter Annelie and pony Kira.


Annette Bobrink

Annette is a certified clothes tailoress. Thanks to her family background she grew up around horses, hence it was easy for her to find her way from dresses to horse-rug and Co.. Furthermore, Annette is responsible for our embroidery, most of she taught herself as it is more than a job but also a leisure passion.

Hedda Roggenbuck

She is the daughter of the boss, hence she grew up at Sporthaus. Being part of the team Sporthaus Verden she has helped out in basically every department of the business. Now, she happily arrived in the online marketing and is also helping out in the tack-shop.

Her equine passion lays in the course, she is a successful 1.40 jumper. Only due to student-riding she is befriending dressage again, a change her four-legged partners do not appreciate - as they prefer a rising trot a lot to a sitting trot.


Kathrin Krawczyk

Kathrin is our helping hand at a sorts of shows and exhibitons. Due to her long term experience at such events her work sometimes resembles a family reunion.

Until the retirement of her beloved sports-partner “Conners” she was successful in the hunter- and jumper-ring. Now, she is busy caring for and looking after her senior, helping him to defeat the signs of age.